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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
~16 October 2012~

I must be feeling too tired already. After work, I went out with Sandy to collect the Ampoule I ordered for myself, Deborah and LeFung and went out for a short while to Vivocity.

My mummy messaged me before I off work to go Blk 8 for dinner. So I replied that I will be home later thinking that they will go for dinner and not wait for me. From the moment I see the message, I know i saw Blk 8 but thought that is my cousin's house at Blk 7.

While walking around Vivocity, my mummy called me and asked me where was I. I said that I'm walking around Vivocity with sandy. Then she wasn't very happy and said that they are waiting for me to go for dinner and I asked them to go ahead coz I thought they went ahead already. I also told my mummy to inform me in future if they are waiting for me so that I will know.

Anyway, after that call, we went home shortly too. When I reached TPY, I called my mummy to ask where she is. She said that they finished eating and was upstairs. I thought she was referring to my cousin's house. So I went up my cousin's house.

When I was at my cousin's house, Lifang said 'so Lishan is here for dinner' and Cindy have me food. I just nod and ate the food and quietly wondered how come my mummy is not here. I even asked Cindy whether my mummy came. She said no. Only after eating and my mummy ask me where was I again.. I realized that I was at the wrong place. I wanted to tell her that I'm at Blk 8 but I know I'm at Blk 7. Hahaha!

So I exclaimed aloud in my cousin's house that I wasn't suppose to be here. Lol! They were okie with me going over for dinner so it wasn't very awkward. But still very funny! Silly silly silly!

~What's happening to me~
8:23 AM

Sunday, February 12, 2012
8 February 2012

It's a Wednesday today. A working day. Imagine me and Edmund waking up early to have macdonalds breakfast before working hours. And yes, that's what we did. We met each other in the train at Outram station coincidentally coz Edmund board the train few doors away from me. He walked over but I continued playing my HP game. Anyway, I was unhappy with him bout something so I wasn't very friendly. Haha.

We had our breakfast and my face was quite black. Edmund didn't ask me why I was unhappy. But he did try to start conversations with me and observe my black face. I wonder why he don't ask why I was unhappy. Maybe because he doesn't want to hear my complains.

After eating, we set off for work. He sent me to outram mrt and walked with me to my office then took a train back to his office.

We didn't talk after that. At 10am++, Siti called me and asked me to go to the reception counter right away. So I went. I didn't notice the bear with roses at the counter coz Siti gave me a card and congratulated me. I was puzzled. I read the card and realize that Edmund sent a bear with roses for delivery to my office. I only notice the white bear with red roses which is placed at the reception counter after reading the card. I was surprised and smiled.

The feeling was like seeing a beautiful rainbow after a very bad thunderstorm. It's a very early Valentine's day present. Certainly cheered me up.

I took a picture of the snowy bear and sent it to Edmund. I really like the surprise. But I will like him better if he will spend more time with me, be more caring towards me, come my house more often instead of always asking me to travel so far to meet him, mingle more with my family, communicate with me more than anyone else and pay more attention to me.

I really hope that he knows how I feel and be nice to me in the way I want him to be. Edmund is still considered nice to me even though there are many other things that he could have done to make me feel more secure and happier.

Happy 8th Valentine's Day

11:52 PM

Monday, January 09, 2012
This year, we celebrated our birthday is the simplest and the sweetest way. Haha. Just wanna write a nice opening.
So how did we celebrate Edmund's birthday this year? Hmm, let me recall.. This year, Edmund's colleague have him a surprise party at Ksuite, together with Ivian! Coz they are the November birthday people in their company. Together with his colleagues, we got him a Ted Baker watch chosen by me. Hehe. On the actual day, Edmund received a big balloon from me! That's the other gift. On top of that, I made a birthday card for Edmund. Hmm.. But it's not completed yet coz I haven print any photos. Hmm.. We spent our day shopping at Ion and we had our dinner at Itacho. After that, we ate Haagen Daz ice cream at Jurong Point instead of having a cake. =)
On my birthday, we took half day leave and I met Edmund at Clark Quay. We head off to Great World City to have our lunch at Imperial Treasure but it was not open to public coz of some function in the evening. So, we went to Vivocity instead and eat our very delicious lunch at Hei Se Hui! The custard bun and other dim sum is super nice and big. Haha! Edmund have me a polaroid camera! Yay! Something that I want since many years ago. I love it! We took a picture together later in the evening. My first Polaroid picture with just Edmund. =)
After that, Edmund bought me a cake from Bakerzin and we went home coz Edmund gonna meet his auntie to change his SIM card. I celebrated my birthday at home with my family that night.
I love our birthdays!
10:49 PM

Friday, September 16, 2011
~ Monday, 12 September 2011 ~

Today I took half day leave to meet Edmund for lunch at MBS Todai for international buffet coz I bought a "deal" from deal.com. Haha. Actually we just save $7 for each person but better than nothing.
When we reached there at 1.45pm, the waitress told us that the last order is at 3pm. So little time, so much food to eat!!! Haha!
So we started to go our separate ways to gather food. I took a lot of snow crab and some sushi while Edmund took sashimi, cold seafood, cooked food and many more.
The snow crab is super juicy and tasty. It's the best snow crab ever! we also tried the Korean style 炸酱面. It's simple, nice and different from the Chinese style 炸酱面. They offer a very different range of sushi as compared to other buffet.
We kept eating till the last order and were the last to leave Todai at 3.30pm. I hope that we had more time to eat.
After lunch, we walked around MBS and Marina Square and travel all the way to Chevron to buy Edmund's sports shoes.
At night, we ate mooncake and drank tea.
~Gaining weight~
11:24 PM

Woohoo.. I have just downloaded the blogger application! I remember that I've tried to look for a blogger app before but I couldn't find any. And now here we have it. A blog app for iPhone. So convenient for me to blog. =D
10:57 PM

Monday, November 22, 2010
My grandparents came yesterday from Malaysia to visit us and my parents. They are really sweet. But they will be going back tomorrow. I didn't really stayed at home to accompany them. =S hope they will come again so I'll have the chance to accompany them. Haha.. But then I have to work on weekdays...
After eating brunch with my family. I went to Bugis to meet Jenny. We went to Haji lane and explored some shops. Then walked to a bus stop near city hall and went to far east orchard. We shopped for awhile and went to Ion orchard to continue shopping and eat dinner at Paradise Dynasty. We ate alot of food and tried the 8 flavors Dumplings. We are not really used to the taste. I tried the Ginseng, cheese, garlic and black truffle. Still alright I guess. We left the fois gras alone.. Lol
I bought:
A pair of flats for $14.50
A skirt from Ion for $25.90
A romper from The Editor's Pick for $39
A pair of blue flats for $35
Hope I will start to save money. Lol!
~Shopping Shopping~
1:02 AM

Sunday, November 21, 2010
Today I went to meet Edmund for movie and dinner. At first we wanna watch Due Date but it not not available in JP GV already. So we didn't watch any movie coz almost all the movie slots are taken. So we just laze around and rest.. After that we went to JP for dinner at Ambush. We took a lot of photos together. =) So I'm happy. I also showed Edmund the Photography applications that I have in my iPhone. Hope we can earn enough money to buy iPhone for Edmund.
L.O.V.E  Just the two of us.
11:33 AM

Friday, November 19, 2010
Edmund said I'm happy when you're happy. Same for me. I'm happy when Edmund is happy. =)
12:43 AM